Quitting Opiates is hard, real hard. There are only but a few ways to get off Opiates. The first is called: “Cold Turkey.” Going cold turkey means to stop taking Opiates suddenly, all at once. If a who is dependent on Opiates stops abruptly, he or she will likely go into withdrawal symptoms, which are extremely uncomfortable and hard to bear. Opiate withdrawal symptoms consist of shaking, muscle aches, vomiting, diarrhea, hot and cold sweats. The cold sweats cause goose bumps and the surface of the skin resembles goose flesh, hence the term Cold Turkey.

Another way to get off Opiates is to take medications. This is called Medication Assisted Treatment or MAT. A major disadvantage of going cold turkey is that there is a very significant chance of relapsing, which can become a deadly overdose. MAT greatly reduces the chances for relapsing because the drug Buprenorphine (Suboxone/Subutex) eliminates any cravings for taking more Opiates. The person is then able to live a normal life without having to worry how they are going to get more Opiates to prevent going into withdrawal symptoms.

In fact, MAT with Suboxone maintenance medication treatment is over twice as effective at preventing overdoses and deaths compared with abstinence-based treatments. Thus, MAT with Suboxone saves lives. Folks who continue using Opiates tend to not fare well at all. If a person continues using, over time, chances are that he or she will wind up either in jail, in a rehabilitation center or, sadly, in the cemetery.

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